Mangalore:- To Be Free (in development) is the debut feature documentary film produced and directed by Benjamin Ryan Nathan and executive produced by Martin Sheen. The film shines a light on the pervasiveness of labor trafficking in the United States, how we can spot it in our neighborhoods, and the steps we can take to eradicate this form of modern-day slavery on a systemic level.

Martin Sheen famous American Actor shared; “Hello. I am Martin Sheen with a serious question. Are you aware that slavery is still thriving in our midst? The answer to that question inspired me to become an executive producer of this featured documentary film called “To Be Free” that exposes the insidious practice of human labor trafficking here in the United States of America and around the world. In this film you will learn that labor trafficking does in fact exist in just about every town in America. In just about every industry. You will hear the unbelievable story of Harold and Dancy D’Souza, who endured more than 18 months of slavery in my home state of Ohio. But that is just one story. This film needs to be made so that all these stories can be told. That is why I am inviting you to join me and director Ben Nathan in supporting this documentary film “To Be Free” in any way you can. So that together we can expose this insidious immoral 21st century institution of slavery in our midst”.

We are all unwitting patrons of businesses and industries that utilize forced labor. We see and interact with victims of labor trafficking every day – in restaurants, beauty salons, farms, and construction sites. They work among us, in plain sight, but go unseen. America is known as the ‘land of the free,’ a beacon of hope for countless citizens and immigrants looking to build a better life. But for the tens of thousands of people enslaved through labor trafficking each year in the United States, these streets are not paved with gold. In the most developed nation in the world, how can this still be happening?

“There are some things in life that you can’t unsee,” says Nathan. “I considered myself a well-educated, NPR-listening, activism-oriented filmmaker; but, a chance encounter with Harold & Dancy D’Souza in 2017 opened my eyes forever.” While interviewing the D’Souza’s for a PSA, they matter-of-factly shared their story of immigration to the US from India, and their horrific experience being enslaved for over 18 months, forced to work in an Indian restaurant in Cincinnati.

To Be Free tells the stories of the D’Souza’s and other survivors of labor trafficking, while exposing the breadth and depth of the problem within this country. The film will use animation to bring the survivors’ stories to life, while educating the public about the forces that maintain modern-day slavery as an integral pillar of our national economy, and how to become a part of the solution.

To Be Free is produced by ALL OF US FILMS, and is executive produced by Ken H. Keller, Caron Rudner, and Craig Woolridge.

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