Mangalore: CAMPCO announces the launch of its First TVC of the year, showcasing itself as a brand, which believes in celebrating FOR EVERY FIRST IN LIFE.....

CAMPCO released SPICE TOFFEE  on November 20-11-2019 . Spice Toffee is prepared from sugar based syrups infused with two popular spices in the form of natural Black Pepper Powder and Ginger extracts.  The Ginger Extract and Pepper Powder with Glucose in Spice Éclair are beneficial for body balance and relief from tiredness.  Also the Product Spice acts as a body cooling Agent and a mouth freshener; it decreases the feeling of thirst when consumed.  This unique product from CAMPCO is first of its kind and will surely TURN UP THE HEAT!!!!

FOR EVERY FIRST IN LIFE …The theme was selected on the grounds; the CAMPCO Chocolate Factory was set on.  First time ever in the history of agriculture, a Farmer dared to think big.... He envisioned the Farmers dream of being self reliant and thus a strong edifice was laid way back in 1986 towards the mechanism of the most modern technological Chocolate Factory - THE CAMPCO CHOCOLATE FACTORY. From Bean to bar.....believing in finest quality and taste…. Whole of the fraternity grew in confidence and now to highlight its strength, CAMPCO is releasing FOR EVERY FIRST IN LIFE..... a film with a soul sure to connect to the life of each and every individual.

The film is conceptualized by Heavy Digitals, showcasing CAMPCO Chocolates as an accolade for one’s achievement, be it in the arena of sports, love, music, self discovery etc.

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.  Since its commencement, CAMPCO has been facing turbulent situations but yet comes out strong with self confidence and has gone on to achieve great heights,” said S.R.Satishchandra, President, CAMPCO Ltd.  “Always linking itself with the masses, CAMPCO has now come out with the launch of the film FOR EVERY FIRST IN LIFE showcasing real life incidents of certain personalities gaining in confidence and celebrating that achievement with a bite of CAMPCO Chocolate” he added.

Commenting of the Film Karthik Sekhar, Founder Heavy Digitals says... “This film is a celebration of the Firsts in Life, moments one would cherish like Self-acceptance, first love, standing up for you and a Chocolate is a nice treat for one’s personal triumphs, “like a hug from the heart”.   As a Writer/Director, the casting was the most interesting part of the film, we chose some outstanding young individuals through social media who have embraced their uniqueness and flaunt them proudly. The film plays with a range of emotions from gritty to light-hearted, each highlighting the true nature of the cast by weaving a story around them. Bringing real people and Campco together was a way of keeping the communication real, engaging and honest".

The brand has planned a 360-degree marketing approach across print, radio, social media and TVC.

About CAMPCO Ltd

CAMPCO Ltd, a Multi State Cooperative - a joint venture of the States of Karnataka and Kerala was formed on 11th July 1973 with the objective of procuring and marketing Arecanut and Cocoa grown by its Members (Growers) in the State of Karnataka and Kerala.  Presently, CAMPCO also helps the growers to market Pepper and Rubber.  Its Head Office is located at Mangalore in coastal Karnataka. Maintaining standards in quality assiduously with dedicated co-operation of a network, through diligent Officers and Employees has created the success story of CAMPCO.

About CAMPCO Chocolate

Chocolate Factory was established at Kemminje Village in Puttur Taluk in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka in the year 1986, adopting foreign technical collaboration in chocolate creation.  It was one of the largest Factories in the South East Asia, with most modern technology, during the time of its establishment.  It has been producing a variety of industrial products from Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Chocó chips and Powder to finished products like chocolate bars, slabs, éclairs, drinking chocolates, etc.  CAMPCO is also contributing to inflow of Foreign exchange through exports of Drinking Chocolate.