Mangalore: On the 21st of September 2023, the Family Cosmos Forum & IQAC, in association with the Department of Secretarial Practice and Satrang from the School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, organised a profound event in the college auditorium observing World Alzheimer's Day, centred on the poignant theme, "Never Too Early, Never Too Late" to its students and faculty. 

Commencing with an invocation of divine blessings through a solemn prayer, the event unfolded with a thought-provoking role-play performance enacted by diligent Master of Social Work (MSW) students. This enactment was intended to enhance the pressing necessity for awareness surrounding Alzheimer's disease, vividly depicting the unfortunate ill-treatment often endured by Alzheimer's patients due to widespread ignorance about the ailment.

The presentation was succeeded by an informative session, featuring a comprehensive explanation of Alzheimer's disease, encompassing its definition, pertinent statistics, stages and its telltale symptoms and prevention. Attendees were also enlightened about the collective responsibilities we bear in addressing this debilitating condition.

The program reached its conclusion with a heartfelt expression of gratitude delivered through a vote of thanks.